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Asian Sponsorship Opportunity

MyanmarJapan's public broadcaster, NHK's popular Drama series started broadcast on Myanmar's terrestrial service "MNTV". Along with the launch of this broadcast, we are now accepting inquiry for TV commercial sponsorship.

"Ama-chan" It’s a heartwarming mega-hit comedy.
"Princess Atsu" The epic life story of a Shogun's wife
Princess Atsu

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IndonesiaWe are looking for sponsors for the Indonesian TV program "Kokoro No Tomo", on "Metro TV". Program focuses on Japanese beautiful landscapes, wisdom and Indonesians being active in Japan based on friendship between Japan and Indonesia.

The 1st Japan focused television program series in Indonesia introducing life-sized Japan, from both nations' perspective
Kokoro No Tomo
You can check the Season 1 on VOD
Kokoro No Tomo

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Advertising Showcases

Yokohama OTOMATSURI 2013

An Invitation to Shochu and Awamori