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Updated Oct. 31, 2012

One of the surprises of this shooting, was to discover how Shochu matches very well with different kinds of food. And it is also so much fun do decide to drink it this way or that way according to the dish. And of course, to decide which Shochu to drink.
It can go with cuisine as diverse as white fish, meat, and spicy food but also with very elegant refined Japanese cuisine. Although I must say the best for me was the mariage between the dark pork meat Shabu Shabu prepared in a divine way by the master... and the Imo-Shochu Oyuwari (with hot water). Excellent!

But I am French!! And to my great pleasure, Shochu and Awamori can match also with some cheese such as Brie or camembert. A "fromage avec Shochu", that could be a good new trend in Paris!

It goes also very well with a quiche Lorraine or some mushrooms. In these cases, it is better to drink it straight, but at a cold temperature. Bon appetit!

After this shooting, I became a real fan of Shochu and now I drink it regularly, mainly on the rocks. Cheers!

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Dora Tauzin

Dora Tauzin is a French journalist, essayist, columnist, living mainly in Tokyo. Having started her career in Japan on NHK TV, she now publishes numerous books mainly in Japanese, holds seminars, gives conferences about various subjects such as women's issues, gastronomy, art and lifestyle. She also appears on TV and radio programmes.

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