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Frequently Asked Questions

1. System Requirements for Your PC

The jibtv online distribution service is optimized for viewing with the following specifications. It may not be correctly displayed by other non compatible computers and software.

  • PC: Windows, Macintosh
  • For Windows User: Latest version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
  • For Macintosh User: Lateersion of Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Smartphones, tablets: iOS, Android (Some OS versions may not be supported.)
  • Plug-in software: Latest version of Flash Player

2. Troubleshooting with Your Computer

Try increasing the volume in Player. If you still hear no sound, go to "Control Panel" - "Sound, Speech, and Audio Devices" and check the volume there.

The problem may be related to your security software. Turn off the security software, restart the computer, and check how well videos are played. For instructions on turning off the security software, refer to the software manual or the software vendor's website.

The quality of playback highly depends on your computer performance. If your computer had a limited performance, quit all other applications before playing videos, or try watching videos on a different computer.

Your security software or firewall software may be blocking communication that's necessary for acquisition of licenses. Try turning it off.

Videos may not play properly while security software is running. If you have a problem on playing video even though your Internet connection is sufficiently fast, try turning off the security software and playing the video again.

For instructions on turning off the security software, refer to the software manual, the software's "Help" menu, or the vendor's website.

Go to "Control Panel" - "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options" - "Date and Time" and check whether the time is correctly set.

If you are living in the time zone where is applied Daylight saving time, adjust clock for Daylight saving time. Check the box "Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time".

If the time is not correctly set, the computer may not be able to correctly acquire licenses.

Please check your computers time and time zone.
If you are living in the time zone where is applied Daylight saving time, adjust clock for Daylight saving time.

  1. Click the clock on your computer.
  2. Click [Change date and time settings]
  3. Check [Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time]

3. What Is The NHK World/jibtv Channel?

NHK World/jibtv is a channel with round-the-clock English-language TV programming (aimed mainly at non-Japanese people) that informs the world about Japan and gives the benefits of a unique perspective on Asia. Its offerings are a combination of programs made by NHK World and programs made by jibtv.

4. What Are The Services of NHK World/jibtv?

The NHK World/jibtv channel carries news programs produced by NHK and internationally relevant non-news programs produced by jibtv.
The channel is available worldwide via satellite, terrestrial, cable, and IPTV services and on the Internet.

Yes, in addition to news programs we offer a variety of business, culture, and lifestyle programs.

  • Images of international sporting events are subject to strict conditions of use. The broadcast rights are owned by the relevant sporting federations and are purchased by broadcasters. We do our best to secure broadcast rights, but various restrictions typically mean that use of the images is limited to broadcasts inside Japan.
  • When pre-recorded programs contain images that we cannot broadcast outside Japan, we typically remove the images at the editing stage. However, we broadcast most news live. When live news contains images that we are not allowed to broadcast outside Japan, we have to cover the images with still pictures.

We broadcast in cycles around the clock to enable people around the world to watch the programs at local times that are convenient for them. Consequently, we broadcast each program four times. A notable exception is news, which is typically live.

5. How Can I Receive The NHK World TV/jibtv Channel?

There are several ways to receive the NHK World/jibtv channel:

  1. C-band (using a digital tuner and a parabolic antenna with a diameter of 2.5 to 6 meters);
  2. a Ku-band satellite receiver;
  3. cable, IPTV, and digital terrestrial stations that carry NHK World/jibtv; and
  4. the Internet (at 256k or 512k).

6. Where Can I Access NHK World TV/jibtv?

If you are outside Japan, you can watch the live streaming service. If you are in Japan, you cannot watch the live streaming service because of restrictions on broadcasting rights.

The live streaming service
Inside Japan: NHK World programs only
Outside Japan: NHK World programs and JIB programs

7. Other Questions

Japan International Broadcasting Inc., which operates the jibtv website, places advertisements from program sponsors on the website as part of a strategy for ensuring sound finances.

Japan International Broadcasting Inc. includes advertisements from sponsors in the programs that it produces for the channel.

No, English-language programs carried on the NHK World/jibtv channel are not available on DVD as of February 2009.

No, copyrights prevent us from offering video and DVD recordings.

Please look first at our online services for that information. If you cannot find answers to what you need, please send inquiries to our mail services at Contact Us.

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