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Aired: September 26, 2019 (UTC)

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Explore a colorful variety of modern Japan’s most popular topics, including food, technology, ecology and regional promotions, with a focus on the innovative ideas and passionate effort from the people behind it all.


The Host Town House visitors’ facility will be launched in Tokyo during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Meals that combine specialties from Olympic athlete Host Towns and their overseas counterparts will be served. This segment features the pre-event held on August 2019, taking a peek at the locals’ hospitality.

Chefs at HAPPO-EN preparing for the Host Town House event
A variety of Pinchos served at the event


In Japan, the eyes are considered to be the most important area of one’s make-up. There are several ways to emphasize the eyes, but most can result in your natural eyelashes falling out. A company called Angfa has developed a serum for eyelash roots. It has been well-received by consumers for its protective features. This segment introduces the process behind the development of a product that aims to enhance beauty both inside and out.

Naomi Watanabe, known as queen of social media in Japan and the face of Angfa’s new product’s commercial
Studying eyelashes for product development


One of Japan’s most highly reputed hotels, beloved by visitors from overseas throughout the years, has been reborn. Here, you can find the heritage of tradition. This segment features the endeavors of hoteliers and artisans to emulate the original space, long regarded as a masterpiece of Japanese modernism.

The Okura Tokyo’s lobby
Artisan Tokinobu Sada working on the Kumiko woodwork for the lobby


This month the runAway team are stepping back into ancient Japan. They hike the Magose Toge Pass, part of the famous Kumano Kodo trails of the Kii Peninsula. They also visit the Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine, which serves as the head shrine to 3000 Kumano shrines around Japan. They end their journey rafting down the Kitayama River and reaching one of Japan’s most iconic waterfalls, Nachi No Taki.
For more runAway adventures, check out: https://www.youtube.com/runawayjapan

Dean Newcombe, runAway team leader
Walking ancient trails in the rain


Maxwell Powers

Voice Actor/MC/Bilingual Pro
From Oakland, California

Maxwell Powers

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