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Rediscover Japan


Aired: February 17, 2020 (UTC)


The “COOL JAPAN AWARD” uncovers and rediscovers obscure Japanese attractions from an international perspective. Every two years, 100 judges from around the world with a deep knowledge and love of Japan select their picks for cool Japanese items, events, and cultural spots to share with the world.

This program introduces a total of 15 subjects including the Japanese monkeys soaking in snowy hot springs, Sabae glasses made through a harmonious blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology, and back country tours held amidst the superb views of Rishiri island at the northern edge of Hokkaido. We’ll showcase the culture and technology that Japan prides itself upon, as well as destinations where the people of the world will surely aspire to visit, all officially recognised as COOL! from the perspective of the world we share today.

The very best of Japan’s charms from an international viewpoint!

For more information about the COOL JAPAN AWARD, check out: http://www.cooljapan.info/en/


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